Boats and Ships KS1Boats and Ships is a section in the Hamilton Trust Oceans and Seas project aimed at KS1 which has very clear planning for an 8-session project.

All resources needed are provided with the project, including teaching notes and lesson plans with clearly defined learning objectives for Maths, D&T, Art, English, History and Science. If your school has a subscription,  it will be readily available; if not, it will be necessary to sign up – as a friend at a cost of £28 for a year – to get access to the KS 1 section.

Research the development of boats and ships, changes in their power sources, changing length of voyages, the history of regattas and the life of seafarers. Paint, make sketches, write journal entries, use code and write ship telegrams. Carry out floating and sinking experiments, construct boats and finally put on a regatta with sandwiches and prizes!” (Hamilton)

  • Session 1 Boats in the past
  • Session 2 How are boats and ships used?
  • Session 3 Life at sea
  • Session 4 Ship-to-ship communication in the past
  • Session 5 How do boats stay afloat?
  • Session 6 How are boats powered?
  • Session 7 What boat shape is best?
  • Session 8 Boat building

There are group activities, individual activities, list of items needed, etc. Everything is there for the teacher just to download and use it. This is a very useful resource for anyone covering boats and ships as part of a project.

Boats and Ships