Mother's DayMothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day, this year is on Sunday the 31st of March. The occasion is covered on a huge number of websites but mostly they are American where the day is a set day each year, unlike here in the UK. Therefore, many of the available sites may not be ideal for use in school; nonetheless, there are some useful ones for ideas.

All About Mothers’ Day for Kids and Teachers has a huge range of resources, including: songs, crafts, poems and teacher resources. It gives a very interesting history of the day; however, it is from the American perspective:

The honoring of our Mothers with a celebration, is a tradition which can be traced back to the Spring festivals in ancient Greece, which paid tribute to the Mother of their Gods, Rhea.

As a Christian festival, Mothering Sunday (still celebrated today in the UK and many British Commonwealth countries), can be traced back in England to the 17th Century when a festival to honor Mary, Mother of Jesus was created. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter) and today additionally honors all the Mothers in the UK, and wherever else it is celebrated.“ (All about Mothers Day for Kids) NB. This site also provides the opportunity to talk about different spellings in America!

Easy Peasy and Fun has a lovely selection of craft ideas; there are some new (to me) cards to make and lots of gift ideas. I love the marbled clay ring dish idea, the examples look wonderful and would be fairly easy to make different variations – if a little messy! The egg-box flowers look good too.

Mother's Day