Science Leaders ToolkitScience Leaders Toolkit is a new, completely free offering from 2Simple’s Purple Mash team. It has been shared to celebrate science week and you do not need a Purple Mash subscription to access it.

This toolkit consists of the essential ‘tools’ needed to support excellence in science leadership. The tools come in a range of formats: Word, PDF and Excel to support flexibility. There is everything from ‘Action Plans’ to ‘Pupil and Parent Voice’. The tools give leaders the opportunity to implicitly know how science is being taught, what learners experience, how parents view it and even allows leaders to evaluate their performance against a set of comprehensive statements, enabling them to set targets and measure their own performance against it..” (2Simple)

The kit contains essential documents including:

  • An Audit document
  • An Action plan template and example
  • Policy Guidance
  • Science leader tips
  • A Staff survey

And more!

Even if you have absolutely everything in place, The Science Leaders toolkit is a great way to compare your own documentation with a set that many other schools will be using as a basis for theirs – it is well worth reading.

Download your free kit here today!

Science Leaders Toolkit