Nightzoo KeeperNight Zookeeper, created by Wonky Star,  is a paid-for resource, with a website designed to inspire children, engage them in all sort of curriculum activities and develop their imaginations for writing.

Children use the resource to develop their own night zoo and write about events that happen there! It is a game where children  complete challenges to create and empower animals in their own night zoo – fighting monsters etc. to gain “orbs” giving them more power.


As children join, they have access to thousands of interactive challenges and all of these can be controlled and assessed by their teachers. There are new lessons every week designed to help children develop their literacy and creativity!

Our writing tool suggests age appropriate vocabulary for students to include in their stories. We also provide objectives and helpful tips in order to give structure to their creative writing. Choose from thousands of free interactive lessons that are proven to boost student motivation, develop a growth mindset and inspire amazing writing.”(Night Zookeeper)


Lesson Hive,  from Night Zookeeper, is a teacher created lesson plan archive based on the National Curriculum, all subjects are covered there! See The Moon as an example of the activities provided.

All children’s work is saved in the teacher account where it can be shared to a class blog provided. There is also a showcase where really special pieces of work may be shown; it is worth having a look there for the sorts of things children are doing!

There is a home or school service and it is accessible on multiple devices. The only thing I can’t find out without getting in touch with them is the price, so I guess it varies for different sized schools etc. From the reviews I have read and what I have heard, it is very engaging and seemingly well worth investing in!