Eco Printers are proving popular with 123 schools as they potentially reduce overall printing / photocopying costs. These printers can be used alongside, independently or to replace an existing photocopier solution and schools can take advantage of a special 123ICT promotional deal at the SBM Conference in on 5th March:

  • Free printing for a whole school term with no commitment to continue beyond the first term
  • School can run alongside their existing photocopier or printers and save money by printing on the Eco Printers
  • After one term the school can see how much they have saved and compare this to the cost of using Eco Printers during this time, if Eco Printers has saved and will save them money they can continue as a customer
  • Schools don’t just get 1 printer, they will receive a number of printers appropriate to the size of their school
  • Schools get the printers, unlimited printing, unlimited support, no contract

If you are attending the OABMG Conference then please come and find out more. School visits can also be arranged via your consultant or our office.