Barefoot ComputingBarefoot Computing is a free service that is set up, sponsored and offered by a large group of companies involved in bringing computing to schools.  The companies involved include BT, BCS, Raspberry Pi and Openreach, as well as the education departments for each area of the UK; the aim is to help teachers with computing lessons.

Created by a team of practising primary teachers, Barefoot’s high quality, cross-curricular activities help bring computational thinking concepts and approaches alive in engaging and practical ways. We’ll help you get your class comfortable with logic and algorithms before you know it!” (Barefoot Computing)

I have chosen just one lesson, it is for programming a Bee-Bot, or similar floor robot, to go around a course. The lesson leads the pupils (and teachers)  through the process. It is linked with PHSE and covers the following curriculum areas: decomposition , algorithms, programming and debugging.

The learning objectives are:

  • I can break down a problem into smaller parts.
  • I can create an algorithm and a program to move a robot to a specific point.
  • I can detect and correct errors in my program.

At BETT 2019, the people on the stand that I talked to advised me to choose a lesson plan and link to it to enable teachers to see what sort of thing is available:


The lesson plan, linked above, is freely downloadable as part of a small zip file containing three documents, of which, one is the lesson plan booklet. All teachers have to do is sign up and look at the Resources section. They can also request a workshop in school.

Barefoot computing