RRudolph the red-nosed reindeerudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – full TV movie storybook’ is a wonderful story version of the popular ‘Rudolph the red-nose reindeer’ song that is a little over 12 minutes long.

The story is beautifully animated and would make a great discussion starter for dealing with the odd one out – the misfit in society. Rudolph is a misfit and some toys he encounters are misfits, it shows that everyone has something special. The transcript following is lacking punctuation! It could be another literacy lesson idea?



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On the app version, you can join Rudolph as he saves Christmas with his shiny red nose!

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Transcript: Add the punctuation, the first couple of lines are done!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

“Hello boys and girls, my name is Sam the Snowman. I’m going to tell you how Christmas was almost cancelled one year and how a little reindeer with a shiny red nose saved the day.”

it all began in Christmas town at the North Pole that’s where Santa Claus lives with his wife Mrs. Claus their home is a castle in the middle of a snow-covered forest of glittering Christmas trees every Christmas Santa delivers toys took good little girls and boys and every Christmas little reindeer dream of becoming part of Santa’s team when they grow up Donner one of Santa’s reindeer hoped his newborn son Rudolph would follow in his footsteps but when Rudolph’s nose began to glow Donner cried he has a shiny nose I’d even say it glows just then Santa arrived to meet the new reindeer when he saw Rudolph’s bright red nose glowing he said let’s hope it stops if he wants to make the sleigh team some day and off he went

we’ll just have to hide Rudolph shiny nose so that he looks like all the other little deer said Donner as he covered Rudolph’s nose with mud Rudolph was very unhappy but he kept his nose hidden as well as he could later at the reindeer games Rudolph met a pretty doe named Clarice she was there to watch the young reindeer practice their flying Rudolph was shy but he asked if he could walk her home after the games Clarice agreed and said I think you’re cute that made Rudolph so happy that he flew high in the sky on his very first try Santa and comet the flying coach were amazed but suddenly Rudolph’s false nose fell off and his real nose glowed brightly all the other reindeer laughed and called him names like fire snout and red schnoz and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer from now on said comet we won’t let Rudolph join in any reindeer games

Rudolph was very sad and he wondered why being a little bit different made him such a misfit so he decided to run away

meanwhile in Santa’s Castle a team of elves made toys in a workshop but one of he elves didn’t like making toys a blond elf named Hermey whatever is wrong with you Hermey asked the boss elf I don’t like making toys answered Hermie I want to be a dentist a dentist barked the boss elf that’s ridiculous elves make toys Hermey was not about to give up his dream of becoming a dentist so he decided to run away too soon the two misfits met and became good friends since we’re both tired of being laughed at and called names let’s leave the North Pole and find out what the rest of the world is like said Rudolph so off they went looking forward to new adventures but knowing they had to beware of the abominable snow monster of the north the monster was mean and nasty and hated everything about Christmas cover your nose Hermey said to Rudolf when they heard the snow monsters horrible roar

before long they ran into a prospector named Yukon Cornelius this land is rich in silver and gold he said Yukon was an unusual character but he had a good heart and offered to give Rudolph and Hermey a ride on his sled Suddenly the abominable spotted the friends and started to chase them we’re trapped cried Rudolph my nose is giving us away luckily Yukon knew you the terrible creature’s weakness the abominable snow monster sinks in water Yukon said as he quickly chipped away at the ice

the three friends escaped on a sheet of floating ice and soon found themselves on the island of misfit toys King Moonracer the flying lion who ruled the island explained that every year he flew around the world to rescue misfit toys that nobody wanted each toy was free to live on the island of misfit toys until some child decided to adopt it because no toy could be truly happy until a boy or girl loved it Rudolph Hermie and Yukon met a Charlie in the Box a train whose caboose had square wheels a polkadot elephant a cowboy who rode an ostrich and a squirt gun that shot jelly and there were many other misfit toys please ask Santa to include these wonderful toys with all the others he delivers on Christmas Eve the king said to Rudolph I promise I will answered Rudolph

that night while his friends were sleeping Rudolf decided to go on alone he knew that the abominable snow monster might find him all because of his bright red nose and he didn’t want to put his friends in danger during his journey Rudolf began to realise he couldn’t run away from his troubles so he decided to go home in Christmas town Rudolph discovered that his parents and Clarice had left to look for him and never returned the little reindeer knew just where to find them in the abominable snow King put her down cried Rudolph as he tried to rescue Clarice but then he was captured too in the nick of time Yukon and Hermey arrived with a plan they knew abominable snow monsters love pork dinners so while Hermey pretended to be a pig and oink loudly Yukon climbed above the entrance to the cave

when the snow monster came out Yukon dropped a big chunk of ice on his head that knocked out the abominable snow monster and Hermey finished the job by pulling out all of the creatures terrible teeth Rudolph and his friends returned to Christmas town everyone realised they had been a little hard on the two misfits and welcomed them back at first everyone was afraid of the abominable snow monster but Yukon assured them that he was now as tame as a kitten and that his real name was bumble everyone was relieved and gave bumble the job of placing the stars on top of all the tall Christmas trees Rudolph described his adventures and told Santa about the island of misfit toys Santa promised he would deliver all than this fit toys to deserving girls and boys

but there was terrible news a great blizzard was raging all over the world I’m afraid said Santa too Mrs. Claus that we’ll just have to cancel Christmas this year oh no said Mrs. Claus think of all those disappointed little girls and boys with no presence on Christmas morning on Christmas Eve the weather was no better and there was no relief in sight suddenly Rudolph’s nose started to glow Santa shielded his eyes and smiled that nose of yours Santa said to Rudolph had beautiful wonderful nose Rudolph with your nose so bright won’t you guide my sleigh tonight as Santa I’d be proud to Santa answered Rudolph everyone cheered even though the blizzard continued to hell the elves got Santa’s sleigh ready for takeoff Santa put on his red suit Rudolph and the other reindeer were harnessed with care and Santa’s sleigh was filled to the very top with toys first stop is the island of misfit toys Santa said ready Rudolph ready Santa Rudolph said and his nose glowed as bright as a beacon in the night up up and away called Santa off they flew into the dark sky to deliver toys to girls and boys with Rudolph’s shiny nose guiding the way and Rudolph went down in history as the most famous reindeer of all now