ClassroomScreen is a whiteboard substitute that does not require the IWB’s own software and is a very useful web page to show on the class board!

In the ClassroomScreen introduction video below, you will see that there is a range of widgets available for use. There is a clock and traffic lights for noise levels, where the actual changing noise levels can be shown moving from green to red at a level set by the teacher.

With ClassroomScreen, It is also easy to share a QR code so that pupils using iPads ,or similar devices that have a QR code reader, can navigate to a website quickly and easily.  To add a QR code to the website you want them to visit, just paste the web address into the box provided and it will generate the QR code for you on screen.


Tips & Tricks

ClassroomScreen comes with a set of Tips & Tricks (accessible from the drop-down menu in the top left hand corner of the screen). The main tip is to run the screen at full screen size, that eliminates any sign of the computer on the Whiteboard, children just see the ClassroomScreen.  Some other tips are:

  • Exitpoll. The first idea is to make an exit poll to get feedback from students. You could ask them if they enjoyed the lesson, or if there was something in it that they did not understand. To carry out an exit poll click on the link, or the icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Images. One can add an image by pasting the picture straight into the text box.
  • Traffic Lights. The Traffic lights can be used on individual devices as well as on the main IWB; students could use it to track their own progress through a task or show levels of understanding. For example, students could hold up their iPads showing green for understanding, amber for I’m not sure and red for I need more help.
  • Duo Widgets. There is also a Duo widget option so that you can have two groups looking at two different widgets.
  • iPad Web App. “Tap the Share button. This is the button immediately to the right of the address bar. You should see “Add to Home Screen” in the second row of buttons. Now you have a ClassroomScreen webapp.” (ClassroomScreen)