Rivers and CoastsRivers and Coasts for KS2 Geography are two collections of useful resources,  found at: Everyschool’s  KS2 resources.


Beach Formation – provides a Video explanation of the process of beach formation, from rocks into sand. When the sea erodes the cliffs, large rocks fall away and into the sea. These rocks are tossed about by the action of the sea and they are eroded into smaller and smaller pebbles. The pebbles are eventually ground down into the tiny gains of sand that form a beach.

Coastal Features – this is an interactive Jigsaw with five different pictures, based on the topic of Coasts. Teachers can customise it to choose the picture, the number of pieces and shapes in use – learn whilst you play!

Coastlines – Erosion – this is a video which shows how waves erode the base of a cliff showing how different parts of the rock face are eroded at high and low tide. It gives examples of different coastal features such as caves, arches and stacks which have all been formed by erosion.

Coasts Gallery – has 10 photographs of coastal features form the U.K and around the world.

Healthy Beaches – provides a lesson plan and an activity with photographs. The idea is to discuss how humans impact on the coastline.

Investigating Coasts – this is a simple interactive activity comparing, annotating and labeling coastal features using photos and diagrams.



Journey Of The Nile – this is a video. The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world. It is more than 6,000km in length and crosses nine countries. As it travels north, the river becomes wide and sweeping, but it starts small in the mountains of Ethiopia and Uganda.

Rivers and Waterfalls – provides a printable worksheet featuring various photographs of rivers and waterfalls.

Rivers Word Drop – this is an interactive game where children try to arrange the letters into the correct order to spell the word before they reach the bottom. (Sadly, I could not make it work so do try it out on the device you intend using.)

Rocks & Valleys Gallery – provides twelve photographs showing geological features from around the world.

Spotlight on Rivers – this is an interactive resource.

What Is A River? – an interactive website dependent on Flash – not happy on my machine.

Glasgow and the River Clyde – this is a video resource looking at the role of the River Clyde in the development of Glasgow. There is a map showing the exact location of Glasgow in the west of the central lowlands of Scotland.

Guyana’s Rivers – this resource shows how rivers make up the main transport system in the rain-forest area.

River Features Jigsaw – provides seven jigsaw photos based on the topic of Rivers. Teachers can customize the picture, style, number of pieces and rotation features.

Rivers and The Water Cycle – this is a short video demonstration of the water cycle and the journey of a river.

Rivers of Europe – this is an interactive game where children have to find where the main European rivers are on the map.

Rivers Wordsearch – this is interactive, do it online!  Find the terms that are used when describing river features.

The River Nile – this second Nile video shows how the river has enabled people to live in the desert of Egypt.

Rivers and Coasts