computing leader's toolkitThe Computing Leader’s Toolkit for Teach Primary Readers, has been created and shared by 2Simple for everyone who wants it.  All subscribers already have access to the editable versions of all of the documents but, if you do not subscribe to Purple Mash, you can still download the toolkit in pdf format.

“The computing leader’s toolkit gives you all the tools you need to establish excellence in computing at your school, in one place. It’s packed full of practical documents that no school should be without.” (2Simple)

The contents of the toolkit are:

  • Acceptable use agreements for all ages
  • Action Plans, both an example and template to create your own
  • Auditing computing documents to help you audit the value of computing in your school
  • A computing policy, an example
  • A glossary of online safety terminology
  • Parent / carer / pupil voice sheets, all questionnaires aimed at discovering what everyone uses the computer for, how they use it and the safety concerns
  • A progression of skills for the six year groups
  • Safeguarding posters to be filled in as necessary
  • Self-evaluation for the computing leader
  • Staff surveys to understand what the staff feel about online safety and teaching skills
  • Tips for computing leaders.


Computing Leaders Toolkit

This is an invaluable resources even if you only use it to compare your with theirs!

Other free content from 2Simple includes:

  • computing assessment tool, giving you everything you need to track pupil attainment and identify curriculum gaps in computing across your whole school.
  • computing scheme of work, giving you everything you need to teach computing with confidence.