Prodigy is a free maths gaming site designed to develop children’s maths skills through games. It is totally free to schools and children; they make their money from parental contributions in the form of extras, extra games, extra avatar goods etc. – see the image at the bottom of the page.

Prodigy also has a video tutorials page which helps you understand how to get it set up for the class.

The site also has free online training for teachers:

“Quick and interactive training on the following topics:

How to get started in under 5 minutes

How to use Prodigy’s reporting and assessment tools to differentiate and save time.

How 70,000 other teachers are using Prodigy to make math more fun.” (Prodigy)

Admins for a school get:

  • Free Admin and teacher training;
  • A dedicated Success Manager to provide support;
  • A dashboard with reports on student progress.

Prodigy claims to have a 75% more students reach pass levels; however, against what, it does not seem to say. It apparently doubles the average score improvement and 40% more students reach higher levels – wonderful claims! To do that it says:

Prodigy delivers these results by offering:

  • “Comprehensive reports to educators. You’ll access data that illustrates growth, performance and engagement.
  • Versatile content delivery options to teachers. Prodigy works for assessments, learning stations, lesson supplementation and more.
  • Engaging, differentiated learning experiences to students. Many of them voluntarily play Prodigy for longer periods at home than at school.” (Prodigy)

Eve if this set of games is not useful in school it could easily form the basis of homework.  It is freely available for the iPad  and it is on the Google Play store.