Clever Never Goes is a new scheme designed to teach children to keep safe. It replaces the old Stranger Danger campaign, which is well out of date and simply not useful in the age of social media and online gaming, where almost everyone that children talk to may be a stranger.

“Clever Never Goes teaches children to recognise when someone (anyone) is asking them to go with them. We call this ‘Go Spotting’. It’s about giving your child practical safety skills and confidence to engage with the outside world.”

Schools can sign up to join the campaign, it is free and schools receive:

  • Teacher’s Guidance pack with lesson plans and activities (Key Stage 1/Early Key Stage 2).
  • Set of classroom slides.
  • Access to our online ‘Go Spotting’ films – a series of 30 second adult/child interactions to get your class practising what they’ve learnt.
  • Downloadable ‘Clever Never Goes’ membership badge to display on your own website.
  • Details of the ‘Clever Never Goes’ ‘MAKE A MODEL’ competition.

There is a page for parents with a useful video and a sign up page so that they keep up to date with what is happening. Useful information is shared, people can also sign up for email newsletters.

“Clever Never Goes gives parents and teachers a tried and tested replacement for ‘stranger danger.’

You won’t be left telling your child to fear the worst of everyone they don’t know. You’ll be finely tuning their instincts, to spot if someone (anyone) is asking them to go somewhere, and to know what action to take to stay safe.

‘Clever Never Goes’ is designed to be positive, practical, playful and – above all else – to keep things in perspective. Take a look at our Clever Never Goes resources and lets ditch the fear and keep our kids safe, not scared.” (Clever Never Goes)

There are useful video resources for teaching children to  keep safe on Halloween trick or treating expeditions, too late for this year but still good advice for children. This is a really useful free resource which is being built, it has been developed over the last two years and is being added to all the time.