Great Fire of London Videos are plentiful on You Tube. Some of these visual representations are great for giving children an idea of what it must have been like.


BBC Watch Magic Grandad – Samuel Pepys – Great Fire of London. This, BBC made, thirteen minute long video tells the story of the Great Fire. It is told as a story to modern day children. It relates the story from Samuel Pepys point of view. It provides a very detailed historical account. The modern day children take part in the activities at the house of Samuel Peyps.

Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map This three and a half minute video is a 3D representation of London at the time of the Great Fire, created by some De Montford University students. It is such a good introduction to historical London with its narrow streets and allies. It would make a very good introduction to a project on The Great Fire.

Who Really Started The Great Fire Of London? Loads of facts have been added to pictures for the first couple of minutes of this seven minutes long video, which was made by the London Museum.  I really like the pictures, they are genuine images from the time. It does ask the question if the fire was a terrorist act. This version makes far more sense to me than a pure accident! Whether it is suitable for children, I am not sure but I would definitely use the first half of the video purely for the images and facts, if necessary switching the sound off.  The last minute and a half is, once again, well worth playing for children. It is the bit in the middle about arson that is not suitable. It does finish by saying that the firs burned away the filth and wooden houses and the new buildings were safer. Also a fire brigade was developed so there were positives which came from the disaster.

The Great Fire of London 1666 this, created by GuyFoxTV,  is a very short, child-friendly but cartoon type of animation. It gives facts about what was destroyed during the Great Fire.

There are more Great Fire of London Videos to be had but these are the most useful I have found so far.