Helping Wildlife this WinterWinter Wonderland is a competition being run by Young Writers. Children write a poem on a winter theme, there is a list of lovely prompts or ideas on the website, and the closing date is Feb 29th. Teachers can upload the whole class’s entries.

Teacherwire shares a snowy lesson for KS2 including rotational symmetry using snowflake designs.

When the real winter weather arrives it may be worth considering a project about helping the local wildlife. There are several ways that children can actively help wildlife survive the winter. This could be the inspiration for the Winter Wonderland poem too!

One of the most important is to provide a source of unfrozen water for wildlife during winter.

Animal shelters offer a great D&T opportunity for children to plan and create an animal winter shelter. Creating winter animal shelters can be a fun and educational project. It’s essential to consider the safety and well-being of the animals, involving the children in learning about the specific needs of the animal they choose.

Here are some ideas for homemade winter animal shelters that can be made from recycled materials:

  1. Build and Install Bird Feeders: fill them with appropriate bird feed. Hang the feeders in gardens or outdoor spaces to provide birds with a reliable food source during the winter months.

Bird Feeder Shelter: Use recycled plastic bottles to create a simple bird feeder. Cut holes in the sides for birds to access seeds. Attach the feeder to a tree or a post. Add some twigs and small branches around the feeder to provide additional perching spaces.

  1. Make Hedgehog Houses: Hedgehogs often hibernate during the winter. Building a hedgehog house can provide them with a safe and warm place to hibernate.

Hedgehog House: Create a simple hedgehog house using a large plastic storage container or cardboard box covered with plastic. Cut an entrance hole and line the inside with dry leaves and straw. Place the house in a quiet and sheltered spot.

  1. Create Bug Hotels: Use natural materials like sticks, logs, and leaves.

Insect Hotel: Gather various materials like bamboo sticks, small logs, pinecones, and straw. Bundle them together and secure them inside a wooden frame. Hang the insect hotel in a sunny location. These provide shelter for insects during the winter months.

Helping Wildlife this winter will encourage children to contribute to the well-being of local wildlife, and this project will help to start to develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Helping Wildlife this Winter