Create Day 24Create Day 24 is a FREE day of singing, dancing and design bringing together hundreds of KS2 classrooms across England in a LIVE mass participation performance celebrating the UN Rights of the Child led by dancers and singers from the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera.

Create Day is a free, England-wide, online mass participation event designed for Key Stage 2 classes. The day will feature curriculum-led activities such as singing, dancing, and design, guided by artists from the Royal Opera House (ROH). Themed around the UN Rights of the Child, the event aims to shed light on the challenges faced by children denied these rights due to conflict, war, persecution, or natural disasters.

Participation is free, and preparatory resources are shared online for download. Sign up, and book 1 ticket for each class taking part. The day can be done in the classroom but if only one class is doing it it would be better in the school hall as it will give children more space for dance etc!

Even if you do not want to take part in Create Day 24, the 6 Prep lessons – “lead your students through six hours of prep classes (2 x Dance, 2 x Singing, 2 x Design) – supported by our free lesson plans and resources. (Summer term)”

“Create Day is a celebration of Create & Learn activity in schools across the academic year. The values of Create & Learn – ‘Artistry and Playfulness’, ‘Inclusivity’ and ‘Collaboration’ – are at the heart of the preparation lessons and live-streamed event. Teachers are therefore empowered to make any adaptations needed to enable participation.”