poems – Best ideas and resources have been put together by Teachwire.

“You may be a budding poet yourself or, frankly, a little afraid of it, but there’s no reason not to dive into teaching KS2 poems with this plethora of resources and ideas from poetry experts and teachers…

It is a go-to collection for any KS2 poetry lessons collected under the headings:

  • Pie Corbett poetry lessons where there are 6 packs on offer, each with a presentation of a poem and set of teaching ideas.
  • Poetry model text resource packs have been created and shared on Plazoom and use model texts as jumping-off points for a range of topics and ages.
  • Performance poetry lesson plan: Use exaggeration to write funny KS2 poems with this free English lesson plan by teacher Jonny Walker. Children will play with concepts of true, false and exaggeration, using Fridge by Michael Rosen as a jumping-off point. The video of Michael Rosen reading The Fridge is on the page too.
  • Write spooky sound poems inspired by Neil Gaiman This one may be really useful coming up to Halloween!
  • Listen to this Michael Rosen podcast: In this episode of Author In Your Classroom, Michael Rosen discusses migration and his poetry collection ‘On the Move’. There is a free resource pack including a PowerPoint, poem, images for a wall display, planning sheets, teacher notes, and more that go along with the podcast.
  • Five poets read their poems – it is always interesting to hear poets’ own reading of their work.
  • Creating imaginative characterisation in poetry involves work on scaffolding the poetry writing.
  • Write mischievous KS2 poems like Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes There is a free lesson plan to help with this.
  • Performance poetry lesson “Used effectively, poetry is a brilliant way to develop narrative writing skills and an understanding of the impact words can have.”
  • Nature poem templates  – may be helpful if writing about either autumn or winter.
  • War poetry for KS2 – coming up to Remembrance Day this may fit in somewhere, these World War One poems will help Year 6 pupils understand what life was like on the frontline.
  • A poem a day
  • Write free verse about King Cnut and King Midas, these activities cover mime, poetry, storytelling, and writing, to explore the stories of King Cnut and King Midas.
  • 5 ideas to help KS2 pupils find the power of poetry
  • How to use a poetry unit to build vocabulary
  • 5 brilliant collections of poetry to have in your classroom

These are more ideas, the collection of KS2 poems – Best ideas and resources is inspiring!