AI and story settingsAI and story settings is an exciting concept! Blockade Labs has developed a Skybox website where teachers type a few words in and a 3D scene is created for them. I can imagine gathering ideas from the class and generating several on a whiteboard asking children to describe them, letting them pan around for different views asking what can you see, hear, taste, smell, what’s missing, and what more does it need? etc.
There are two scenes, one with the User Interface on where you can see tools and the prompt, and one with the interface off and panning on so that it automatically glides around the 3D scene. You can take over by clicking down on the image and moving the mouse around in circles to see it all. I played with a few ideas, see my prompts and the result:

Prompt: The heart of an ancient realm lies a sinister and foreboding forest, its ethereal shroud of darkness and mystery, ghostly shadows, and demonic sounds inspiring fear:

Prompt: A busy street in London with shops, cars, and people:

Prompt: A street market in India:

Prompt: A spring meadow:

I then wondered what it would be like to gather words from the children so I put in:
school classroom children toys books tables chairs pens pencils crayons scissors paints painting
That came back with a very different result, but though nothing as I expected, it is still quite wonderful and would be great for children to describe as a setting for a fantasy story!


I added commas and it was interesting, the main image below the test.

Finally, I added “and happy children working” but it didn’t cope with the children at all.

So AI and story settings? A slightly new twist on learning to describe the setting for a story but quite useful I think, and also it is another way of introducing children to AI in a completely innocent way, they need to learn how to use it safely!