Ai-Assisted Educational ResourcesEduaide Ai offers Ai-Assisted educational resources, specifically lesson development. You can input the grade level, topic, and keywords, and the tool generates a lesson plan with objectives, teaching strategies, activities, assessment ideas, and closure questions.

“We offer teachers a set of Ai tools to express their creativity, cultivate their expertise, and align educational planning with what works for their students. We provide infrastructure for a new way of sourcing educational resources.” 

It is free to sign up and teachers can use their Google accounts to sign in to  Once there, there is a form to fill in which will generate the lesson plan for you. The steps to work through on the form are under different headings:

Lesson seed  – Generate a lesson plan outline with an objective, possible strategies, and a range of options for assignments and activities.

Evidence statements – Craft ‘looks like’ and ‘sounds like’ statements to empower students to showcase proficiency at every level.

Learning targets and success criteria – Create your objective for the class and the steps to reach that objective.

Rubric – Generate precise rubrics, streamlining grading and providing clear feedback for student success.

General lesson plan – Develop a comprehensive lesson with all features for a great class

Lesson plan-5e’s- Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate

Unit plan – Generate a well-structured unit plan streamlining curriculum design for educators

Topic or keywords – Enter a topic or keywords you can also enter standard-based language to generate aligned content

Generate learning content – Choose the subject and the level of the students for the planning. The aspects that will be covered in your generated lesson are:

  • the information objects that are given to the students,
  • independent practice,
  • cooperative learning opportunities,
  • and then questions obviously to test their understanding.

When used well,, this Ai-assisted educational resource should be a real time saver; there is complete freedom to alter and modify the offered lesson plan, but the ideas it generates and basic lesson outline should be a really useful, very quick start. I can imagine being able to lift the objectives straight from a long-term plan and having almost instant lessons available.

All resources can be saved in one’s own personal space, under different classes if necessary, which may be useful for different-level groups.

Sadly, I failed to save the lesson plan I created or I would have shared it here.

Ai-Assisted Educational Resources