National Poetry Day National Poetry Day is the annual celebration (on the first Thursday of October) that encourages everyone to make, experience, and share poetry with family and friends. Each year they try to inspire the understanding and interest in poetry “because voices, words, and stories help to bridge understanding in our community.”

A collection of poems with permissions cleared for sharing has been compiled on the NPD website. The ones chosen align with the chosen theme for this year’s theme of Refuge.  More will be added to this collection during the run-up to the event.

They offer a wide range of educational resources suitable for all age groups. The children’s poems already listed are:

The resources to go with them can be found here.

Finally, there is a note on the website: “It’s important to emphasize that safeguarding the voices, work, and livelihoods of poets holds a special place in our mission. We encourage you to learn more about copyright through our partners at the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. That offers lessons on copyright that you can incorporate into your teaching, writing groups, or library programs.” There is a set of resources available for ages 7 – 11.