MagicSchool.AI“ is designed to support educators, simplifying your tasks, and helping you make a significant impact in the classroom.

Ease of Use
No need to fret about using chatbots or “prompt engineering”. Our generative AI provides immediate value, integrating smoothly into your busy schedule.

Expertise in Education
Our tool allows customization, ensuring unique materials tailored to your students. You know your students best; we provide features to customize outputs for your distinct school community.

Effective Tools
We offer only the highest impact tools, handpicked by educators, built on research-based best practices. They will aid in lesson planning, differentiation, writing IEPs, and daily class relevance, among other things.”

That is the description of the educational AI tool on the AI Educator’s Tools Site.   There is no doubt that it will be beneficial for teachers to engage with AI; it is one of those things that can’t be ignored, and it will not go away. The teachers who experiment and use it will make life easier for themselves in the long run.

There is so much available on this site and the sign-up for teachers is free.
Some of the resources shared on that site:

  • Common Misconception Generator – Generate the most common misconceptions on any topic you are teaching and get strategies to address them with your students.
  • Informational Text Generator – Generate original informational texts for your class choosing between literary nonfiction, expository, argument or persuasion, and procedural texts customized to the topic of your choice.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Generator – Text Based – Generate a multiple choice quiz and answer key based on any text and customized by question type.
  • Text Analysis Assignment Generator – Generate a text-based analysis assignment that includes a writing prompt along with text dependent questions that are aligned to the prompt.
  • Make it Relevant! – Generate several ideas that make what you’re teaching relevant to your class based on their interests and background.
  • Math Story Word Problems – Write a custom math word/story problem based on the concept you’re teaching and a story topic.Text Leveler Tool – Take any text and adapt it for any grade level to fit a student’s reading level/skills. Vocabulary List – Topic Based – Generate a list of vocabulary words based on a subject or topic that are important for students to learn.
  • Assignment Scaffolder – Take any assignment and empower students by breaking it down into manageable steps, fostering stronger understanding and enabling greater independence.
  • Text-Dependent Questions – Generate text-dependent questions for students based on any text that you input.
  • Multiple Explanations for Complex Concepts – Use AI to produce a few clear explanations of concepts that you’re teaching in class to help student understanding.
  • Reading Quiz Generator – Generate a multiple choice reading quiz and answer key based on any text.Text Rewriter Tool – Take any text and rewrite it in different words, more concisely, for a new audience, change topics or characters – anything!
  • Text Summarizer Tool – Take any text and summarize it to whatever length you choose.
  • Text Proofreader Tool – Take any text and have it proofread, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and adding clarity.
  • E-mail Responder Tool – Generate a customized professional e-mail communication in response to an email that you received.
  • Class Newsletter Tool – Generate a newsletter to send to families weekly.
  • Finally, there is an AI coach!

It really looks as though   is gathering lots of very useful resources for teachers.