Transition ActivitiesWith the transition to secondary school looming for Year 6 pupils there are various activities designed to aid them preparing for the change. “Our carefully curated collection of transition resources is perfect for ensuring your children are prepared for Year 7 and ready to engage with the secondary curriculum. Help them to make a positive and confident transition from UKS2 to KS3 with our literacy and numeracy resources on a broad range of topics – from letters and debates to mathematical investigations and Year 6 worksheets.”

Teachit has a set of fun activities:

  • How embarrassing! A letter-writing task
  • Independent reading activities
  • Dear form tutor – Year 7 transition letter
  • My TV terror – persuasive writing ideas
  • New Recruit – a Reading activity from Anthony Horowitz
  • A Pen pal project
  • Sculpture-inspired creative writing
  • Syllables and word stress patterns- a worksheet
  • This is your life! Making a presentation -Spoken language
  • The abandoned house – a piece of narrative writing
  • Hooray for a longer school day? A discussion and debate
  • Coordinates and shapes- Coordinates and the four quadrants A geometry worksheet
  • Dice investigation – Problem-solving a self-assessment worksheet
  • Finding the mean, median, mode, and range – a starting statistics worksheet
  • Investigating quadrilaterals using scissors – three sets of activities
  • Scrabble-type maths investigation
  • Smarties maths investigating fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • The Letter of the Law – applying algebra
  • Fraction word problems for Year 6
  • Design your own website PowerPoint
  • Design your own website booklet
  • Managing change PowerPoint
  • Moving on
  • All about me
  • A desert island challenge based on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

I particularly like the form tutor letter, the New Recruit, This is your Life, and the Hooray for a longer school day debate.  All of the resources are freely shared, to get the editable doc version teachers need to be a subscriber.