AI picture-makingAI picture-making is here to stay, it is being used in all aspects of life and business already.  Learning to make pictures with AI is likely to be beneficial for young learners in that it can foster creativity, develop the skills of personal expression, collaboration, and technological literacy.

Craiyon is one program that could be used by children, they do not need to sign up or pay to make simple pictures such as the line drawings of a fox on the right, or a curious fox exploring the woods below.

AI picture-making

Learning to make pictures with AI can have several benefits for young learners:

Creativity enhancement: AI-powered tools can inspire and enhance creativity in young learners. They can experiment with different styles, effects, and techniques they might not have access to otherwise. AI can generate unique visuals and provide new perspectives, encouraging young learners to think outside the box and explore their artistic abilities.

Skill development: Using AI tools to create pictures can help young learners develop various skills. They can learn about color theory, composition, and design principles while experimenting with different AI-based art tools. These skills can be valuable not only in the field of art but also in problem-solving and critical thinking.

Personal expression and storytelling: AI tools can aid young learners in expressing their thoughts, emotions, and stories visually. By using AI to create pictures, they can convey complex ideas, explore their imagination, and communicate their unique perspectives. AI can provide them with a platform to share their experiences and narratives in a visual form, fostering self-expression and storytelling skills.

Technological literacy: As AI becomes increasingly prevalent in various fields, including art, learning to make pictures with AI can help young learners develop technological literacy. They can gain familiarity with AI tools, algorithms, and concepts, preparing them for a future where AI will play a significant role in society. This knowledge can be valuable not only in art but also in other domains where AI is applied.

AI picture-making can help to provide learners with a well-rounded learning experience.