Design a Lorry for Aldi Design a Lorry for Aldi  – this is an exciting opportunity for pupils aged 5-14 across the UK. Aldi, in collaboration with Team GB and ParalympicsGB, has launched a challenge to inspire children to create a design for an Aldi lorry that promotes healthy, sustainable food. The winning designs will be displayed on real Aldi lorries, capturing the attention of everyone they encounter. This competition is an integral part of Aldi’s long-running educational initiative, Get Set to Eat Fresh, which strives to cultivate an interest in nutritious and affordable cooking among students.

At the core of this initiative lies Get Set to Eat Fresh. By engaging students’ curiosity and equipping them with knowledge and culinary skills, Get Set to Eat Fresh empowers them to cook nourishing meals for themselves, encouraging them to embrace healthier food choices and make a positive impact on the environment.

The Design a Lorry for Aldi Competition: Running until Friday, June 23, invites students from across the UK to use their imagination and artistic skills, and create hand-drawn designs.  The judging panel, comprising representatives from Aldi, Team GB, ParalympicsGB, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes, will carefully assess the entries and select winners from England, Wales, and Scotland.

The first-prize winners will not only witness their artistic vision come to life on a real Aldi lorry but will also receive fantastic rewards for themselves and their schools. Each winning school will be awarded £1,000, empowering them to invest in educational resources or initiatives. Additionally, the talented students will receive £100 worth of Aldi vouchers, a captivating goody bag from Team GB and ParalympicsGB, and the extraordinary opportunity to host a visit from Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes, who will share the exhilarating news.

Runner-up prizes will be awarded in each region. Second-place winners will secure £750 for their school, along with a £50 voucher and a delightful goody bag. Meanwhile, those awarded third-place will receive £500 for their school, alongside a £25 voucher, allowing them to continue their educational journey while celebrating their creative achievements.

Design a Lorry for Aldi