30 BBC micro:bit devices 30 BBC micro:bit devices are being allocated to every primary school in the UK, please enroll in the scheme now!

“The Micro:bit Educational Foundation, BBC and Nominet have joined forces to offer 30 BBC micro:bit devices to every primary school in the UK. Our partner OKdo will be supporting the distribution.”

The micro:bit is a small, programmable microcontroller board designed to introduce kids and beginners to coding and electronics. Despite its compact size, the micro:bit is packed with features and capabilities. With its onboard sensors, including accelerometer, compass, and temperature sensor, it can detect motion, orientation, and changes in the environment. The micro:bit can display messages and graphics on its LED matrix, play sounds, and interact with external devices through its input/output pins. It can be programmed using various programming languages, allowing users to create games, animations, and even control robots. The micro:bit is a versatile tool that nurtures creativity and empowers learners to explore the world of technology.

“If you are a UK primary school teacher, please register by filling in the details belowFull terms and conditions may be found here.

  • Only one application may be submitted per school, only the first application will be actioned, deliveries will only be made to school addresses.
  • We will be collecting applications from May 15th 2023 to December 18th 2023.
  • The latest you will receive your BBC micro:bits will be March 2024 although you may receive it sooner! When your school pack has been sent out you will receive an e-mail advising of delivery.” https://microbit.org/thenextgen-registration/

On the same page, there are free teaching resources and free, short online training courses for teachers.

30 BBC micro:bit devices