Healthy Steps ResourcesHealthy Steps Resources are: “A range of flexible nutrition resources across different subject areas – designed for use throughout the school year to encourage pupils to build healthier habits for life.”

Promoting healthy eating in schools is an important initiative to improve students’ nutrition and overall well-being. It involves educating students about the importance of balanced diets, providing access to nutritious food options, and creating an environment that supports healthy food choices.

Better Health with Public Health England has developed new and free Healthy Steps resources. There is a fun whole school assembly featuring quizzes and games to get pupils interested:

“Showcase 3 healthy steps pupils can take to have a healthy diet – aiming for at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, ways to plan for a healthy diet, and how to make healthier snacking choices. Includes fun quizzes to help encourage the whole school to get involved.”

The assembly is followed by three Healthy Steps quests which can be done either in school or at home; they cover healthy eating and snacking, 5-a-day, and controlling the sugar intake by making healthy choices.

There is a booklet providing Guidance for Schools for KS2, offering extra activities and ideas, the resources can all be found on the same page.

Healthy Steps Resources