Storytelling AppsStorytelling apps may be used to inspire children’s writing. There are several story apps specifically designed for children. Here are a few examples:

Toontastic 3D – A storytelling app that lets children create their own animated stories using a  range of pre-built characters and backgrounds. “Future authors, directors, musicians, inventors, and anyone else who wants to turn their brilliant ideas into 3D cartoons.”
With Toontastic 3D, children can draw, animate, and narrate adventures, create ‘breaking news’ stories, science reports, and more.  “Toontastic 3D is a playful storytelling app that scaffolds the creative writing process and empowers kids to create their own animated cartoons. While Toontastic was not specifically designed for schools, we have heard from a lot of educators over the years that they love how the app sparks their students’ imaginations and uses the Story Arc to help frame their writing. Their students use the app for creating everything from book reports to news broadcasts and foreign language skills.” Toontastic 3D is a Google app, there is advice for teachers and parents.

Toontastic from the Play Store  Toontastic from the App Store

Story Dice – A fun and simple app that provides children with visual prompts for creating their own stories. “Want to be a storyteller but not really finding a good story to tell your family or friends? Or exhausted with all the stories you had? Not any more!!! “Story Dice” has infinite stories to share with you. WE HELP, YOU CREATE. 40 dice, 240 images and millions of stories waiting for you. Use your creativity over these images to create new story every day. You can use these images to create exciting poems, songs or jokes apart from stories. The app provides you with really cool ideas to come up with the plot of your creativity. Just Roll, Create, Entertain and Enjoy. “Story Dice” comes up with several different categories like mystery or Star Wars.”

Story Dice on Google Play   Story Dice on The App Store