Digital Literacy ResourcesDigital literacy resources have been developed for teachers to use in the classroom, encouraging children to be better prepared for their own digital life.

“Created with assistance from Archives of IT, these 5 new resources will take your students on a journey to improve their digital literacy using computers and technologies in school and at home. Digital skills are essential for daily life and can open the doors to a whole range of exciting technologies that learners may have access to in the future.”

The resources have been created for children aged 5 – 11 and are designed so that children carry out a series of hands-on activities. The practical skills that the children will learn include animation, audio recording suitable for podcasts or interviews, and they may go as far as developing a computer game. “There are also links to Art and History when learners can look at abstract geometric art and then create their own computer art, as well as learning how to capture and edit digital images.”

Digital Literacy Resources

All classroom resources – including teacher notes, activity sheets, and presentations if needed – are freely downloadable from the site. The activities look like great fun! See:

Activity 1 Animation: Make moving pictures
Introduce children to the concept of digital art and start to understand old and new methods of animation.

Activity 2: Audio editing
Learn about the value of interviews, create an interview script, and record their own interview.

Activity 3:Coding games
Design and create their own computer game in Scratch or a similar program that the school uses, then swap and play with their friends!

Activity 4: Digital painting
Develop an understanding of Piet Mondrian’s abstract geometric art then use paint software to create art, inspired by Mondrian’s work.

Activity 5: Digital photography
Children will start to understand terms used in graphics and art, and how to take and then edit digital photographs.