The King's CoronationThe King’s Coronation will take place in London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May 2023. The following Monday is a bank holiday when the country will celebrate. There are several resources available for schools to use for this event.

The King’s Pants, a fun book for the young was published April 6th, and it offers free ideas and activities pack available for download in time for the Coronation.

“The King cannot rule without his Royal Pants. He has a pair for every occasion: coronation pants (he can’t be crowned without them), organic pants (edible in royal emergencies) and even inflatable space-pants (because one never knows when they might come in handy). But in a boxer-shorts blunder at the Royal Mail, the King’s undies have been posted to his subjects nationwide! With his Y-fronts gone wandering, how will the King possibly cope?”

The Coronation pack is aimed at the young! There is nothing here for KS2.

Westminster Abbey offers a KS1 lesson all about Coronations.

The Historic Royal Palaces Website shares teacher notes all about the Coronation Values and Symbols. This is much more useful as an introduction for KS2.

The TeachIt website has several Coronation-based resources including a quiz, comprehension, and report writing exercise. “We have a great selection of classroom activities to mark the coronation. Start with the coronation quiz, then choose from poetry writing, diary-writing, newspaper reports or reading comprehension tasks. Or you may prefer a historical comparison activity in which children are asked to compare the coronation of The King with that of the late queen, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Or get children designing bunting, stamps or planning a party! Whether you’re teaching KS1 or KS2, there’s a wealth of royal activities for you to choose from to mark the coronation of His Majesty!”