SurfProtect-Quantum-Setup-Guide-2022 SurfProtect® Quantum Certificate SetupThe SurfProtect® Quantum Setup Guide Download here is likely to be a very useful guide for anyone using this software to protect their network.

“SurfProtect’s cloud-based HTTPS filtering feature requires that all devices on your network trust Exa. This document provides guidance to enable this across your network, however, should you require any additional help then please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Support Team on 0345 145 1234 or by emailing
A certificate published by Exa needs to be installed on each device within your network. This can be done on a per machine basis, however we have detailed how to deploy the necessary certificate using various management tools below.”

If your school technician is not aware of this please let that person know. The guide provides detailed installation information suitable for all school situations. Once installed on each machine the certificate can be tested.

“You can check whether the certificate is being successfully trusted by visiting the SurfProtect Certificate Status page at
This page will automatically detect the location you’re browsing from so it can present a certificate signed by the authority you’ve trusted during negotiation of the secure HTTPS connection.
If your browser shows that the connection is safe then this validation serves
as proof that the service certificate is trusted. If you don’t already have SurfProtect configured to transparently decrypt all web traffic you can test decryption by configuring your browser to use on port 3128.”