World Autism Acceptance WeekWorld Autism Acceptance Week is from 27 March – 2 April! There are over 220,000 autistic children in the UK and over 70% of them are in mainstream schools.

It can be challenging for autistic children to be accepted as part of the school community. These free school resources can help increase understanding of autism at school and create a supportive environment for any autistic students that attend.

“Why not take part in World Autism Acceptance Week at your school to help increase understanding of autism. This year, our theme is colour to reflect the autism spectrum. Sign up today and you can access your free information pack full of ways for your school to take part. As well as your free learning resources for all ages that the autism education experts at the Autism Education Trust have put together with us.”

As well as classroom resources on the National Autistic Society website, there are teacher resources, including Understanding autism online training and an autism practice education newsletter anyone can sign up for.

Teachwire also has a large range of resources available for the coming week as well as lots of teacher help and support. “This free eight-part series will give you practical advice for helping the autistic children in your class. There’s advice for helping autistic pupils to open up, how to make your school less threatening to autistic pupils, and more.”

World Autism Acceptance Week