PBS LearningMediaPBS LearningMedia offers FREE educational resources for PreK–12 educators and students.

Their goal is to enhance educator practice and equitable student learning through educational resources that are:

  • Available to teachers and students at no cost for educational use.
  • Relevant, accessible, and trustworthy.
  • Intentionally designed to supplement classroom instruction.
  • Representative of diverse perspectives and communities, including underrepresented and marginalized student populations.
  • Responsive to needs, trends, and current events.
  • Designed to promote and support effective practices in teaching and learning with digital media.

The learning resources include lesson plans, interactive lessons, a media gallery, audio, documents, web pages, collections, and more; the resources are searchable by subject and grade and narrowed down by central ideas, main themes, etc. There are teacher guides, support material to use with students if they are needed, worksheets for some subjects – basically, everything that would be useful if using a specific resource. There is a lot of US-based teaching material but also other very useful, relevant resources.

I love the PBS LearningMedia simple language learning videos in French and Spanish, they start for the very young. All of the resources can be shared to the Google classroom and teachers can create lessons from the resources. Some of the language-learning activities, such as The Case of the Smelly Backpack, is offered in Spanish as well as English so could be used as an English lesson where children need to draw conclusions from the facts presented in the text and show the evidence, or do it in Spanish and stretch their language learning! Simon Says, a well-known game in the UK is played here in Spanish.