CocoMaterialCocoMaterial offers free hand-drawn illustrations which may be helpful in school either to teachers or children. No login or sign-up is required, making it very easy to use with children of all ages. Simply choose an image, colour it if you wish, and download it!

“Discover CocoMaterial, the Open Source hand-drawn illustration library with 2,579 images. Customize & download!”

From King Henry Vlll to a bluebell, a wide variety is available under a range of popular tags such as face, family, science, tools, etc. I searched Romans and Egyptians where there was a limited number of sketches, but space, fruit, animals, icons and transportation brought lots of images.  It started as a week long project:

” CocoMaterial is a PIWEEK project. PIWEEK is an original idea by Kaleidos. Every six months participants leave their ongoing work in standby to devote an entire week to personal innovative projects, either alone or joined by others.”

But there is a What’s Missing bar where teachers could request images which may well be added gradually so it looks as though it could be growing steadily.

There is a simple search facility and choosing a drawing offers an edit screen that allows the user to colour it.


There are four sizes to choose from, if you want to group several images together then they need to be the original size, see the following where I downloaded a big duck image and followed it by the two ducklings.


CocoMaterial is one of those sites to keep in mind for quirky instant illustrations, fun and free!