Access All ArtsAccess All Arts week, lead by Sky, runs in June and is a nationwide, week-long celebration of the arts. All of the activities are specially designed for Primary schools.

“Between 19 – 23 June 2023 you’ll be able to take your pupils on a creative adventure with a whole host of brand-new resources. For 2023 our theme will be identity and pupils will be encouraged to use the arts to explore their own individuality and what makes each one of us unique. We’ll be providing you with free, curriculum linked resources that will guide you each step of the way, with ready-to-teach lesson plans and activity sheets covering ten different art forms.”

Children will have an opportunity to do painting work with collage drawing and other mark-making experiments, both in 2D and 3D.

There will be drama activities including creating Peter Pan type of characters for example and there will be lots of of different movement ideas for you to explore with the class, reimagining an everyday object into creative movement with music provided in the resources.

Children will have the opportunity to create a classroom opera with the classroom/school instruments. They will create a colour opera by using creative inspiration cards.  There will be lots more to help the children make music. They also have an opportunity to sing and will work on reimagining a classic lullaby into a completely different type of song.

There will be an opportunity to explore, experiment and create with words – for example, by creating a character poem. There will be opportunities for storytelling, exploring, and experimenting to recreate a classic tale in this particular instance. Finally, there will be an opportunity to create their own films at school and explore their own school as a setting for a movie.  There is a video story generator to use, and all sorts of things to help with that project. 

Finally, they have an opportunity to explore and experiment with photography as they photograph the world around them.  They will imagine an emotion and try to turn that into a photograph.

The week is packed full, there are lots of projects there for children to experiment with and each activity is supported by very famous people. All you have to do is sign up for Access All Arts week to take part.