Animate poemsAnimate poems or stories with a fantastic little app developed by Adobe Express. I can’t imagine a better or more fun way to have children share their poems or stories with the class, school, and family!

Animate from Audio is an app where the user chooses a character and background suitable for their own poem or story and simply presses record and reads it. They have up to two minutes to record.

My video is of a poem called The Snowman by David Reeves:

When my life begins so way up high
And I float to you from the sky,
How can you tell it’s really me
For only flakes of snow you see.

But after all has been turned white
And everywhere’s a beautiful sight,
You slowly place the flakes together
Caring little of the bitter weather.

Until I’m built and all complete
From big top hat to snowy feet,
When life with you is such fun
Provided I don’t see the sun.

But finally when winter’s through
And the sun turns the day sky blue,
You’ll watch me slowly melt away
Until no longer we can play.

Still please don’t shed a tear for me
For I’ll come back again you’ll see,
And if Jack Frost comes with me too
I’ll have more time to play with you.

David Reeves

This video took me only a few seconds to record – in fact, the 48 seconds that it takes to read the poem – and about 20 more seconds for the video to appear and download, so not much more than 1 minute to produce.  If only a few children get an opportunity to animate poems in class I am sure it would spread to home very quickly! Mother’s day greeting to grandma etc., would be wonderful gifts instead of cards. Fun, creative, easy – what’s not to play around with?