literacy resources are created and shared by Pie Corbett. There are several exciting offerings that may well fit into your curriculum in the new year. All these are offered on the Teachwire site.

1: Pie Corbett Poetry for KS2 – Space Poems for Creative Descriptive Writing

“Blast off into the unknown and discover a galaxy of poems including the rubbish-tip alien.”


This pack is for Years 3 – 6, there are original poems and activity ideas to use in class and a PowerPoint presentation to show on an interactive whiteboard.

2: Pie Corbett’s Fiction: Kidnapped

“Take your children on an adventure with a short story by Pie Corbett – then use a series of activities to explore the story, and encourage them to write an adventure story of their own…”

This pack is for Years 3 – 6 and contains a guide for teachers with a story, sixteen activity ideas, and a PowerPoint file that can be used to present the story on an interactive whiteboard.

3: Pie Corbett’s magical poem and teaching notes, download these now.

“Master alliteration, similes, and personification – and add a dash of extra wizardry – with Pie Corbett’s original verse…

This is a sequence of sessions that builds towards writing a magical poem. In my poem (included in the download), When I blew the magic dust, there is a distinct pattern that involves using basic poetry techniques in a playful manner.

The first verse is a list of animals, using alliteration.

The second verse is a list of things we can see, using personification.

The third verse is a list of things found in nature, using ‘like’ similes.

The fourth verse is a list of things, using ‘as’ similes.

The final verse explains what the writer did once the magic dust had settled.

You could complete a number of short-burst pieces of writing across a week to practise these skills and prepare for the final challenge.”

Click here to download more great free original literacy resources by Pie Corbett

There is the Ultimate KS2 Fiction Collection with 16 resources, the KDS Non-Fiction Collection with 5 resources, and the KS2 Poetry Collection with 6 resources.