Christmas sctivities and ideasChristmas activities and ideas have been gathered together and are shared by Teachwire.

For KS1 there is an Elf Fact Tile resource pack “Pupils will read a fact file for one of Santa’s elves, Elliott Sparkles. Using the model text as inspiration, they will then draw and write about their own elves. This is, in fact a Plazoon resource!

The model text includes a variety of grammar and punctuation from the Y2 curriculum including: the use of suffixes ly, ful and less; commas in a list; noun phrases; and the use of conjunctions.”

Also from Plazoon there are KS1 and KS2 sets of12 Christmas challenges to keep children occupied at home during the holiday. The list for KS2 is realistic; I often read things like this and wonder either how much it will cost or how much time it will take and whether the necessary resources are available but this looks totally doable. For more Plazoon Christmas activities see: – some are free some paid for.

AF Harrold wrote a poem about the large Christmas tree that stands in Trafalgar Square every year, a present form Oslo. He has created worksheets to go with the poem.

“Poet AF Harrold wrote a poem about the tree and has provided worksheets for your class and an outline for his Christmas tree poem. You can use it to produce your very own poems in celebration of friendship, like the friendship between Britain and Norway that is symbolised by the Trafalgar Square tree.”

To finish up the Christmas activities and ideas page they have a number bonds to 10 worksheet on the Christmas Theme available for download.
Christmas activities and ideas