Dove Self-Esteem Project “The Dove Self-Esteem Project empowers young people to embrace their uniqueness and think critically about media influences. The free, evidence-based resources have been written by experts and include everything you need to carry out engaging, curriculum-aligned body confidence lessons.”

The resources are called Amazing Me and they are closely linked to the PHSE National Curriculum covering Health and Wellbeing as well as Citizenship and literacy.

In the Dove Self-Esteem Project pack there are:

Five x 45-minute Body Confidence lessons – Aimed at teaching children that what they see in the media may not be real and to be positive about their own bodies.

Five x 45-minute Bullying & Teasing lessons – Many children suffer from bullying if they are a little overweight, have freckles, red hair, a name that children can rhyme with something horrible, whose family may be considered odd or different for some reason or so many more things.  Children have to learn to be positive and need to learn how to deal with any of it.

Two x lesson bundles: Body Confidence and Bullying & Teasing

These bundles contain presentations and lesson plans for three sessions.  There are videos and activity sheets.

The resources can be obtained by a teacher or a parent. To register see this page.

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