RSC Offerings to SchoolsRSC Offerings to Schools include on-demand live streams of Shakespeare plays.  The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) attempts to make Shakespeare available to all.  If your school adds a Shakespeare play to the literacy curriculum it is worth watching the website.

“Our research tells us that preparing young people to watch a production greatly increases their engagement and enjoyment. We believe that using rehearsal room approaches to Shakespeare in the classroom can help students of all ages and abilities gain a meaningful connection with his work. All schools registered for the broadcasts will have access to a range of supporting materials.”

Romeo and Juliet is available to watch on demand from 31 October to 4 November 2022 and Richard lll Thursday 24 November 2022, at 9 am. To register for Romeo and Juliet Click here and for Richard III Click here.

The Learn section of the website has lots more information about what is available and how to access it.

The Online performances and lessons section has a whole collection of videos as live lessons. Sadly a few of the videos are not available, hopefully, they will be restored soon.

By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0,

These RSC offerings to schools can also be shared once the school has signed up so children and parents could watch the play at home any time during the showing period.