The RegeneratorsThe Regenerators is an environmental initiative from BBC Bitesize. The resources are designed to help children be greener and protect the planet as much as they are able. The Regenerators website is split into sections, the Hall of Fame which hosts the champions of the climate competition. The website has a wealth of resources providing inspiration about how to adopt a more sustainable way of living.

The Green Classroom is the primary school area. This offers lessons to support learning about the environment. Lessons are being added all the time.

The 5 – 7 section has lessons asking why our planet is changing, and how children can make an upcycled puppet or musical instrument. It looks at ocean pollution, plastics, and how we can help to look after the environment.  There is a large range of activities based on the environment, waste and pollution, energy and transport, and food to inspire children’s curiosity.

The 7 – 11 section has many activities covering similar topics, obviously much more in-depth and with a lot of extra items covered, including a Regenerators Climate Detective Game. ‘What is extinction?’, using technology to make a better world, cleaning up plastics, how fashion affects the environment and lots of other ideas are explored here.

There is a primary video selection: “We’ve curated a series of videos that are perfect to play in the classroom and prompt discussions about sustainability, waste, and climate change.”

A fun back chat area: “Fatima, Daz, Kayla, and Jack are calling… from the future! They want to thank today’s children for acting responsibly and averting a climate crisis.”

There are Live Lessons: “Straight from the studio into your classrooms! These fun and interactive lessons are perfect for teachers. Covering all things green, watch these lessons to learn how to conserve and understand our incredible planet together.”

There is a poetry section where the beautifully animated poems are the perfect way to start conversations about plastic waste and climate change.

Finally, there is the Change Champs area, where children are set challenges to meet, and the Explainers area, easy-to-understand animations.

The Regenerators