Planet Nutshell's Net SafePlanet Nutshell’s Net Safe series contains eighteen videos covering topics like protecting personal information, responsible posting of pictures, and mobile location privacy. It starts by asking:

  • What is the Internet?
  • What is Personal Information?
  • Tell an Adult, and
  • Be kind online

These are all for the younger children, ages 4 – 7. It is a great introduction to staying safe on the internet, as children are beginning to understand the dangers as well as the fun involved.

For KS2 children it offers:

  • Cyber Bullies are no fun!
  • What is Personal Information?
  • Understanding Online “Friends”
  • Talk to an adult you can trust
  • Posting pictures online

Planet Nutshell’s Net Safe videos are labelled with grade levels, they have been created for schools in the States, but are still absolutely relevant to children in other countries. It is always useful to show different videos at different ages, the message is important; the more suitable resources available the easier it is to keep repeating the lessons.  By the side of each video it gives more information: e.g. ‘What is the Internet? (Grades K-3) “The Internet is big! There are good and bad things on the Internet, just like a neighborhood. This video explains what the Internet is and how to stay in the “good neighborhoods” on the Internet.”

Planet Nutshell's Net Safe