Crayola Creativity Week“Crayola Creativity Week messages and experiences were designed to inspire students and help them express their ideas confidently. The learning experiences presented during the week, and in the extensions, can be implemented year-round and are intentionally aligned with education standards in multiple subject areas. You know your students and teaching objectives best. So, the following list is a springboard that suggests standards alignment, rather than an exhaustive list. The main point expressed throughout Creativity Week is that when children apply creative thinking and express their ideas, every learning experience becomes richer and more engaging.”

Schools or individuals are invited to sign up for the Crayola Creativity week which is January 23 – 29 2023.

Free video activities and downloadable resources will be available for cross-curricular, creative learning. There will be challenges for the children and a live Celebration Assembly event.

There will be resources for five in-school creative adventures and two weekends of creative fun shared during the celebration, but many of the resources shared can be used at different times too. It seems far too attractive an offer to resist even if you don’t use the resources at the time, they may be inspiring for use another time.

Click here to check back as announcements are being made or here to sign up to take part in it.

Crayola Creativity Week