At Home ScienceAt Home Science is recommended by Winchester Science centre and Planetarium. It may offer some fun activities for children over the half term or winter holiday.

“Let’s become at home scientists. Conduct your own experiments. Play fun science games. Join in with science storytime. You’ll soon be thinking like the professionals.”

The activities offered can be filtered by age showing 5 – 7, 7 – 11, and 11 – 14 on the topics of Space, Sound, and The Environment. It looks as though more are being developed as there are more on the list that are not active just yet.

‘What’s the best material for soundproofing?’ is a fun activity for younger children that could easily be done in the home or the classroom, and that could be followed up with the hot chocolate changing the pitch of sound which would be better at home.

There are also star gazing guides, science stories, and lots about butterflies.

Children are encouraged to experiment with seed growing in the green spaces activity, to make a paper windmill, a pinhole viewer, and to explore static electricity. The static electricity page is different to any experiments that I have ever done; they look like great fun and are so easy to do at home.  All of the documents for the activities are in an easy to download Zipped files.

At Home Science