Building a better futureBuilding a better future is what the Earth Cub’s mission statement is based on: “Our mission is to teach kids about the world and sustainability, rewarding positive action and making planet-saving achievable and exciting. Earth Cubs aren’t subjected to doom and gloom, but positivity and tangible ideas for keeping our planet awesome.”

Earth Cubs Schools is a paid-for resource with a free app, offering unlimited curriculum resources with new items added monthly including lesson plans presentations, assemblies, and videos. The videos and lesson plans have been created by teachers and subject experts. There is a free version for teachers and parents who wish to try it, so definitely worth investigating prior to signing up.

It is partnered with Eco-Schools so if your school is working towards the Green Flag Award the work you do with Earth Cubs will be relevant. They are also partnered with the Rainforest Trust UK.

The app is suitable for iOS and Android, is free, and is apparently “packed with awe-inspiring environments. Puzzles, videos, characters, comics, and more, which are all working towards building a better future! All for FREE!” For the iOS version click here, for the Android version click here. The app description from the Apple site:
Environmental learning for 3-11 year olds.
Create your own Earth Cub & explore amazing environments.
Playing rewards kids with real-world tree protection!
Gaming that saves the planet!
Environmental learning for 3-11 year olds

  • Play games,
  • Solve puzzles,
  • Fun videos,
  • Cool comics,

Building a better future