National Poetry DayNational Poetry Day is October 6th, and the theme for this year is the environment.

The Education section of the National Poetry day website has lots of suggestions for things to do to celebrate the event. They also provide a Poetry Day toolkit full of Primary resources! As they point out though, “National Poetry Day isn’t bounded by just one day: it’s a storehouse of ideas and activities free to use all year round, whether at home or in the (virtual/actual) classroom.”

Resources are designed to encourage student enjoyment of poetry, including new resources and activities to help all ages create new poems on the environment theme.

The National Literacy Trust continues to build its poetry resources.  “Our early years poetry resources combine insight and advice to inform your practice, along with poetry activity plans ready to use in your setting, based on this year’s theme of environment.”

If you happen to have a copy of the new book When Poems Fall from the Sky by Junli Song, the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (SLPE) has developed a set of worksheets to go with it available free and ready for NPD 2022. “Imagine the great botanist-wizard flying away with all the seeds in the world to save the planet, or a mushroom punk-rock band rapping about super-hero spores and the wood-wide web. Picture a nightingale singing its own story in its very own words, or a flower garden playing uproarious rhyming games with the sun. Or how about a raucous, rowdy and hilarious performance featuring all 10 quintillion bugs on earth trying to line up for a parade!”

National Poetry Day