Giving young people a voiceGiving young people a voice is at the heart of a project started by Parentzone.

“In the never-ending 24-hour news cycle, there’s a lot of noise – but it’s important to remember that some voices are louder than others. Often, it’s the voices of children and young people that get drowned out, even on issues that significantly impact their future.

At Parent Zone, we believe it’s essential to help children and young people have their say on the world they live in, in a way that suits them. “

The project that Parentzone started is called Voicebox and young people of all ages are invited to contribute.

“The VoiceBox team is a group of young people, who feel let down by the current media landscape. The aging traditional media has all of the respect and high standing but does not welcome young voices into the discussion. The newer social media welcomes almost all voices, but they get drowned out by misinformation and spam. We wanted another way, and believe VoiceBox may be the answer.”

Young people are invited to share their writing, video blog posts, and photographs of digital paintings; they show off the work submitted – thus giving young people a voice, and an audience.  There is a lot of information already there for young people, the older KS2 children. For children to make a contribution follow this link:

Voicebox will be appearing at Parent Zone’s Digital Families Conference 2022 on Tuesday 18 OctoberRegister now to attend virtually. One of the key worries for young people is technology, keeping safe online, etc.; this may be a good opportunity for families to hear what is covered.