Mt Twist on a taleMy Twist on a Tale, the Pearson writing competition is running now. This is the fourth year that the competition has run. It is probably better for the older KS2 children as the concept of ‘twisting a tale’ may be lost on younger ones but I can imagine this competition being lots of fun! To send in entries, either as a class or as individuals submitted by parents follow this link.

Information from the entry pack:

“Now in its fourth year, My Twist on a Tale: Represent! will launch on International Literacy Day (Thursday 8 September) and encourage children aged 4 to 19 to shine a light on the whole story, representing what, and who, they feel are being left out in literature today, and putting the underrepresented centre-page.
As they write and reshape their own diverse stories, this year’s young authors-to-be are welcome to delve in to topics that feel close to their heart, whether that be ethnicity, relationships, gender, ability, poverty, technology, or something else entirely!
The tales they choose to tell can be creative non-fiction or fiction, stories or poems – even sound and video recordings. The scope is as wide as young writers want to make it…
This pack contains everything you need to know to get started on a new story-writing
adventure. We hope you enjoy the read, and have lots of fun.” There are lots of hints and tips about representing in the image that Pearson produced for the competition!

My Twist on a Tale