Back to school ActivitiesBack-to-school activities are great ice breakers and confidence-building tasks for children whilst allowing the teacher to get to know a new class slightly better. Children starting school or coming back after a break are often both excited and a little nervous; finding some fun activities where children are always right, and there is no wrong answer, helps to create a very useful calming, and fun time.

39 Back to School Activities & Ideas for Teachers is shared by Proud to be Primary This is a collection of ideas from different places and some are really good.  I love the Kindness Calendar, friend scavenger hunt and the friend wanted ads but there are lots of good ideas there. share 17 fun first-day back activities with some great ‘would you rather?’ questions:

  • Would you rather play outdoors or indoors?
  • Would you rather be really rich or have loads of friends?
  • Would you rather clean the floor with your fingernail or your toothbrush?

See more on the website. I also particularly like the flexible seating contract and student survey ideas. Drawing self-portraits creates an instant first-day classroom display.

The TTS Group, well known for primary supplies, shares a set of ideas too.  The jigsaw All About Me, and Cooperative art ideas are great: the first is a worksheet for individuals, and the second activity is for the whole class.

Back to school Activities