CK-12CK-12 is a company in the States that offers free curriculum resources with which you, as a teacher, can build your own digital library and share exercises with your class.
Some of the resources will not be appropriate for the UK curriculum but there are lots of maths exercises for the primary age range: bright, colourful and clear exercises. So long as the methods they use match the ones that you use, it is like having whole sets of textbooks available for each bit of the maths curriculum.  As homework exercises they could be invaluable, or even as top-up or catch-up extras where necessary.

The science books look very useful too. There are five for the primary age range, this is the upper KS2 example:
The Grade 5 book covers:

Physical Science  – covering:

·       Atoms
·       Types of Matter
·       Matter, Mass, and Volume
·       Solids, Liquids, and Gases
·       Physical Properties of Matter
·       Chemical Properties of Matter
·       Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter
·       Rate of Dissolving
·       Separating Mixtures
·       Magnets and Magnetism
·       Earth as a Magnet

Earth Science – covering:

·       Water on Earth
·       Humans and the Water Supply
·       Protecting the Water Supply
·       Use and Conservation of Resources
·       Weather and Water in the Atmosphere
·       Climate and Its Causes
·       World Climates
·       The Sun Earth Moon System
·       Earth’s Motion in Space
·       Gravity

Life ScienceThe Life Science section covers plants, photosynthesis, and life cycles.  Ecosystems, discussing producers, consumers, predators and prey, scavengers and decomposers. Food chains and food webs are covered.

The CK-12 resources look to be a growing set of very useful, free resources available for schools or parents.