The Summer Reading ChallengeThe Summer Reading Challenge run by The Reading Agency, a charity designed to help children and young adults, specifically those lacking resources, transform their lives through reading.

“Our work delivers against key national priorities helping the country to build back better, level up opportunities, deliver Covid recovery and learning catch up, improve health and wellbeing, promote inclusion and diversity and build individual and community resilience.”

The Reading Challenge is running now, all through the summer holiday and it is designed to get children reading for pleasure over the holiday. Children who sign up read a book and get a reward.

“The theme for this year’s Challenge is ‘Gadgeteers’. Developed in collaboration with the Science Museum Group, the Challenge will show children that science is all around us every day and inspire them to unleash their curiosity and creativity!” The pack for schools is but if shared with summer schools or clubs it is a great project that children could take part in.  The Physical StoryTrail would be great fun. Failing that schools could do the project any time, there is a lot of support in the downloadable pdf and The Reading Agency hosts many more resources for teachers beyond the summer reading challenge.