Finish Finish This… is an autumn musical project being run by the English National Opera:

“A new music making programme for KS2 classes; bringing a fusion of opera, film and animation for FREE as a creative springboard for collaborative composition work in the classroom.

Finish This… invites your class to be ENO Composers and tasks them with a mission to respond to, and resolve, a purposefully unfinished operatic piece titled ‘Blue, Red, Yellow…’.  A creative catalyst for your pupils to embrace their imaginations and experiment to create new colour worlds and stories – all through the lens of opera
.”( ENO –

The lesson plans, a class toolkit, and teacher CPD, to enable the teacher to cope, are all being provided.

See this page for a set of good reasons to take part, in the form of learning objectives for both pupils and teachers!

The project will be for one hour per session over 7 sessions starting with the teacher CPD on 5th September.

Children will learn to make a graphic score, and develop all sorts of “musical” instruments, those who have done it have found it really exciting. Children who take part will get an ENO Composer certificate too! It is a great opportunity for a fun, musical autumn even for those teachers fearful of the subject!